Robert Mastando – An Avid Traveler

Robert Mastando is a travel addict guy who loves to visiting new places. According to Robert Mastando, he visited many tourist places almost all over the world. He knows many tourist places where you can enjoys with your family & friends.

Robert Mastando spent his most of the time on the trip and always finding the best tourist places.

Robert Mastand also hobby to capture the moments on his camera. In this article he shares a short video of world’s best tourist destinations.

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The Summer Traveler

Summer is when I travel the most. It’s also the best time of year to travel. The vibes during the travel months of  June to September are touristy.

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Wonderful Benefits Of Traveling By Robert Mastando

There are a great deal of things one can get from exploring better places, for instance, new buddies, new experiences and new stories. Robert Mastando says When you start exploring new places, you hint at change appreciation of the all inclusive community living there including their lifestyle, history and establishment.

Inspects show that voyaging can upgrade your general prosperity and enhance your creative ability. Along these lines, you need to contribute huge vitality from your step by step assignments, office obligations, hot timetable and standard weights in any occasion once in a year. Mastermind a visit to another city with an open timetable and let life give you the different open entryways that are sitting tight for you.

If you require all the all the more convincing, here is a summary of the significant number of points of interest of voyaging.


1.) Social media and communication skill are improved.

2.) Have Fun

3.) Create Memories for Lifetime

4.) Boosts Confidence

5.) Enhances your Tolerance

6.) Helps Getting Original and Creative Thoughts

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Must visit Places in Paris shared by Robert Mastando

5237956755_14ba1d3880_b 5238554034_8d0a084964_b 6672156239_01bde2b717_b images paris_from_fountains paris_la_torre_eifel paris-87211_960_720 paris-723133_960_720 paris-1210005_960_720 paris-1900442_960_720 seine_and_eiffel_tower_from_tour_saint_jacques_2013-08

Seine River Colorful Boats Sunset Sky Paris

The Musée d'Orsay is on the left.


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Robert Mastando

Robert Mastando

Robert Mastando

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Robert Mastando – Best Travel Destinations in your budget

From the Philippines to Georgia, the current year’s rundown of best spending travel goals highlights colorful thoughts from a portion of the world’s specialists in travel shared by Robert Mastando. While some of these nations made the slice on account of fluctuating monetary forms (Australia, we’re taking a gander at you), others like Kyrgyzstan are more out of the way.

Northern Vietnam



Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal


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Thursday Travel: Joys Of Travel (Eating in BKK)

The World Is a Book...

Eating in Bangkok (BKK) is an experience, a daily event. Every shopping mall has endless choices, including local food, street food, fast food, fine restaurants, and great international food selections.


The international fast food section has a line of choices:


Decisions, decisions… One day, we had a hard time to decide, so hubby and I ate in two restaurants for lunch. After eating, we had to go back to our hotel for a nap. 🙂


Below is the famous Chinese restaurant, Din Tai Fu. There are three DTF in BKK.


Here is a Thai restaurant:


Many fine Japanese restaurants.


This restaurant uses shelves decorated with bottles as dividers:


Here is an eating area by the window with a view:


Ice cream place is decorated nicely:


A cool place to enjoy various chocolate!


Everywhere is clean, beautiful, and pleasant.


Normally the mall is crowded after 4 pm and very busy during the weekend. Major malls in BKK downtown are connected with…

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